Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Being Prepared for an Emergency!

Westways Magazine put together a sort of "how to" on preparing your own Emergency Car Kit. Of course Map Books 4 U highly recommends that you have a Thomas Guide or a Rand McNally Easy-to-Fold Laminated Folded Map included for getting around in an emergency.

You will want to include pliers, an adustable wrench, a utility knife, a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver, work gloves, antifreeze, a quart of oil, a Swiss Army Knife, weatherproof flashlight or one of those "shake" flashlights, wire cutters, bottle opener, (although you can use your screwdriver if need be), duct tape to make a temporary patch, a dry fire extinguisher, flares, and an ice scraper if you live where the weather is applicable. Reflective triangles are extremely handy for night time breakdowns or emergencies. A quality pair of jumper cables and a first aid kit are must haves.

Perfect additions to your emergency kit are Protein Bars, those small emergency blankets that can be bought in any camping or sport store, and a sealed jug of water. These items will not only help ease your mind in a breakdown but will be help you through a disaster. In California we have earthquakes that can really effect those that have long commutes between home and work. Carrying a Thomas Guide or laminated folded map is a tremendous help in getting you back to your loved ones when those main arteries, (our freeways), are clogged or closed.

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