Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Being Prepared for an Emergency!

Westways Magazine put together a sort of "how to" on preparing your own Emergency Car Kit. Of course Map Books 4 U highly recommends that you have a Thomas Guide or a Rand McNally Easy-to-Fold Laminated Folded Map included for getting around in an emergency.

You will want to include pliers, an adustable wrench, a utility knife, a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver, work gloves, antifreeze, a quart of oil, a Swiss Army Knife, weatherproof flashlight or one of those "shake" flashlights, wire cutters, bottle opener, (although you can use your screwdriver if need be), duct tape to make a temporary patch, a dry fire extinguisher, flares, and an ice scraper if you live where the weather is applicable. Reflective triangles are extremely handy for night time breakdowns or emergencies. A quality pair of jumper cables and a first aid kit are must haves.

Perfect additions to your emergency kit are Protein Bars, those small emergency blankets that can be bought in any camping or sport store, and a sealed jug of water. These items will not only help ease your mind in a breakdown but will be help you through a disaster. In California we have earthquakes that can really effect those that have long commutes between home and work. Carrying a Thomas Guide or laminated folded map is a tremendous help in getting you back to your loved ones when those main arteries, (our freeways), are clogged or closed.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Aloha Airlines is Halting Passenger Service!

For our customers who have booked their vacations to Oahu or another Hawaii destination...please read on:

Aloha Airlines halting passenger service By AUDREY McAVOY, Associated Press Writer
Sun Mar 30, 7:19 PM ET

HONOLULU - Aloha Airlines said Sunday it will halt all passenger service after Monday, signaling the end of an airline that has served Hawaii for more than 60 years.

"We simply ran out of time to find a qualified buyer or secure continued financing for our passenger business," said Aloha President David Banmiller in a statement. "We had no choice but to take this action."

(The full article can be found here.

NOTE*Aloha is hoping to work with United on getting passengers handled on Hawaii to Mainland flights and with Hawaiian on the interisland flights.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Map Books 4 U Store and Site Directory

We are currently going through the Map Books 4 U Store and Site Directory to ensure it is easy to navigate. Should you have any suggestions on how we can make your search easier for the right Thomas Guide, laminated Thomas Guide map book, Rand McNally street guide, road atlas, , Wall Map or magnifier, please email us.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Map Books 4 U Store and Site Directory

Map Books 4 U is a distributor of Thomas Bros. Maps and Rand McNally Company. We offer Thomas Guides, Laminated Thomas Guide map books, Rand McNally street guides, Road Atlases, wall maps, and laminated EasyFinder or Easy-to-Fold maps.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide * 2008 by Rand McNally

The Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide by Rand McNally, is the first place to look for up-to-date business planning data! This 2008 Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide is formatted into two easy to use volumes for your convenience.

One of the books in this Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide set, is the guide and the other is the index. Inside you will find updated, detailed maps with the latest geographic data for more than 120,000 places in the U.S. Population and economic data is included as well - complete with large scaled detailed maps.

Thorough indexing makes for easy cross-referencing too. The Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide is sure to give users that necessary statistical edge and is an essential tool for business success.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Sacramento and 2008 Sacramento & Solano Thomas Guides

The 2008 Sacramento Thomas Guide and the 2008 Sacramento & Solano Thomas Guide has been released and is in stock. Here is the Northern California Thomas Guide section of our store for ordering:


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